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Aaron: The application and network service monitor.



Project Goals

  1. Aaron will use an Apache style license, not GPL. Being corporation friendly is very important (project sponsored by IT Net App).
  2. Aaron does:
  3. Aaron will also have an analytical API making it possible for aaron to be aware of "service level agreements." (Ex: if a service is unavailable 0.002% of the time, for example, then alerts will be sent to product manager.)
  4. Web interfaces will be made available (mod_perl, mod_ruby, PHP, JSP, and servlet) for viewing the host or availability information.
  5. The configuration and data availability will be setup to allow for data hiding and a permissions model.
  6. Aaron will be network aware and will be capable of alerting the network administrator in the event of a route failure, programmers in the event of a bad response, system administrators if there isn't a response, and product manager if an SLA has been violated or is near being violated.
  7. Eventually an AaronD will be created to allow for fail-over and parallel checking of services across multiple services from possibly multiple geographic locations.

Help Needed

Obviously help is needed. I am only one person and can only do so much. Here's my things that I know need to happen:

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